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Almost everyone loves a good story or play. And we’ve been taught to use roleplays in our teaching, but there’s so much more that using drama can be sued for.  Besides David Farmer, we’re glad to welcome back some old friends and colleagues, David Farmer and our own Hon Chong, and hear from some new friends and colleagues, Anna Museliak and Sean Thompson.  So who wants to learn how to teach using lots of fun and laughter?

Hon Chong:
“I have over 12 years of experience in training, education and development and have worked in the USA, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and 3 honMalaysia. As the Drama Special Interest Group (SIG) Coordinator of the Slovak Chamber of English Teachers, I regularly facilitate drama workshops for teachers of all skill levels. In 2014, I founded Imagine Center for Learning and Funnylicious Improv Theater, both based out of Bratislava, Slovakia.”

Improv theater as a teaching tool (B2 Upper secondary/Adults; All teachers) Friday 2.45-3.30pm

Learn how to use improv theater games and exercises as tools to support ESL learning and to spice up your lessons. You will leave this engaging and inspiring workshop with an enhanced “teachers’ tool kit” full of creative games and ideas which you can use immediately in your classroom! No improv experience needed!

hon class


Seán Thompson: “I have been living in Hungary for over 20 years and have taught cropped-image-31.jpgat schools, universities and various educational centres in Budapest. Most of my work has been focused within the Hungarian Educational System, although the British Council has sponsored many events and projects as well as international publishing companies. More recently, however, I have also been working in Austria and England teaching multicultural language groups and even organising study tours to the UK.
“Teacher training is another area in which I have extensive experience in especially with MM Publications and the Catholic Pedagogical Institute of Budapest, of which I am head of English. In more recent years being a plenary conference speaker and workshop leader have given me new scope in EFL.”

Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary (B1 Upper Secondary; All teachers) 3.40-4.25pm

Films and filming “Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary.” An excellent quote from Dead Poets Society (1989) is just what a film should do for you. All too often it is a pointless exercise watching a film. So this presentation aims to give the low-down on ‘What to show’ and ‘how.’ We will explore the best films, techniques and even do a bit of acting for an entertaining workshop.

Anna Musielak is a Polish teacher and teacher trainer holding a Ph.D. from cropped-image-31.jpgSilesian anna itdiUniversity. She has worked at the military unit, at college and as methodology director in the private sector. She is interested in using drama, music and literature in teaching English. Currently she runs workshops and teaches English to young learners, teenagers and adults. She believes that a lesson carried out with passion is an unforgettable experience for the learners.; @AnnaMusielak on Twitter

Drama, literature and pop culture in the classroom (B2 annaUpper Secondary; All teachers) Saturday 1.30-2.15pm

Teachers and students are often wary of using literary pieces (such as The Bard’s plays) in the classroom. Today we will say goodbye to the fear of using authentic texts and hello to fun and thought-provoking lessons that combine students love of pop culture with drama techniques and … literature.
This hands-on session provides teachers with a ready reference and thorough demonstrations will prove that introducing contemporary culture and drama to talk about authentic texts can be both rewarding and exciting.


David Fisher is the founder and director of The Bear Educational Theatre, cropped-image-31.jpgPrague. david fisherHe has presented at many conferences and events in the region over the last fifteen years. His specialist subject is how to successfully incorporate drama activities into English language teaching.;

Bringing Literature to Life (C1-C2 Upper Secondary; All teachers) Saturday 2.25-3.10pm

Great literature is full of life. Students’ approach to great literature often isn’t.  This workshop will use simple drama techniques to show how even texts as hard as Shakespeare or Dickens can be brought to life and made real in the classroom. The aim is to use drama techniques to open students eyes to the reality and the emotion that lives within the classic texts.

2 david

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