You can find the tentative (but probable) conference schedule here: cropped-image-31.jpg
In the link and below, you can find out more about each speaker’s own work by clicking the link under their name. Click on the title of each workshop to find out more about it or use the links in the menu at the top of this page to get to all the blog posts about each thread (plenaries, YLs, lower secondary, upper secondary/uni/adults, drama, and ICT). This is being updated regularly so please check back for more details.

11.30-13.00 Lunch & Coffee At the venue for those participants travelling
11.30-13.00 Registration
Janosik Hall
13.15-13.30 Opening Lynda Steyne, Hon Chong, Ilonka Sostronekova, p. riaditelka
13.30-14.30 Keynote Lynda Steyne – Mind the Gap
Room Janosik Hall
14.45-15.30 YL: 14.45-16.15* Lower Secondary Upper Secondary Drama ICT
Zuzka Strakova Igor Andre & Susan Barfield Šárka Miková Hon Chong Eva Orosová
University of Prešov Teach for Slovakia & Project International Pride Slovak Ventures SKA Drama Sig/Imagine Ctr for Learning English Language Academy Online – Portugal
Teaching and Experiencing Roma Culture Learning to learn: How can teachers support successful learning behaviour? Improv theatre as a teaching tool The Importance of being a Tech Savvy Teacher
B1/lower secondary B1/upper secondary B2/upper secondary B1/adults/teens
Room Janosik Hall
15.40-16.25   Lower Secondary Upper Secondary Drama ICT
Šárka Dohnalová & Lucie Podroužková Ildikó Gáspár & Marcela Kováčová Seán Thompson Monika Popluhárová
Faculty of Education, Masaryk University, Brno Gymnázium Opatovska KE & Gymnázium Andreja Sládkoviča BB Catholic Pedagogical Institute of Budapest & MM Publications Gymnázium Bilikova
Shakespeare in the classroom Intercultural communication activities Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary. To Smartphone or Not to Smartphone
B1/lower secondary B2/upper secondary B1/upper secondary B2/upper secondary
Room Janosik Hall
16.40-17.25 YL Lower Secondary Upper Secondary Adults ICT
Šárka Miková Judit Kovács & Éva Trentinné dr. Benkő Frank Prescott Ewa Grzelak Joan Macphail & Angeliki Apostolidou
Slovak Ventures ELTE TÓK IATEFL Hungary Warsaw, Poland The Tartan Epsilon
Learning without (much) Forgetting Focus on the Content: a Natural Context to Young EFL Learners Shakespeare Lives You know, when you get to my age… Using the Tablet in the Classroom
A1-A2/ages 6-10 A1-A2/lower secondary B1/upper secondary absolute beginner/senior citizens A2/ages 6-10
17.45-18.45 (Janosik Hall) Evening of Active Drama: David Farmer
18.45-20.30 Wine, music, dance and light refreshments
20.40 bus to town
Saturday Time Event & Speaker
8.30 & 8.45 bus to venue
8.15-8.45 Registration
09.00-10.00 Plenary (Janosik Hall) Russell Stannard – Key Technologies that can really impact on teaching and learning
Room Janosik Hall
10.15-11.00 YL Lower Secondary Upper Secondary Drama: 10.15-11.45
Silvie Doláková Eva Lange Angelos Bollas David Farmer
Czechia SKA – Prešov Greece Drama Resources
Stories as a platform for CLIL Using literature creatively Speaking Homework with Voicethread
absolute beginners/ages 6-10 A2/lower secondary B2/upper secondary
11.10-11.55 YL Bilingualism Upper Secondary   ICT
Barbi Bujtás Queenie Tan Roman Čančinov   Monika Popluhárová
Barbi’s Classes The Essence of Teaching OUP Gymnázium Bilikova
We’ve grown gen Z, now what? 3 fun and effective ways to daily teach your own kids English Culture and fact files can get students thinking – and talking. How to … manage your teaching via Edupage
A1-A2/ages 6-10 infants to 8-year-olds B1/upper secondary B2/upper secondary
12.00-12.45 AGM & Members’ Raffle Janosik Hall
12.00-13.30 Lunch
Room Janosik Hall
13.30-14.15 YL Lower Secondary Upper Secondary Drama ICT: 13.30-15:00*
Silvie Doláková   Mark Andrews Anna Musielak Russell Stannard
English (not only) for Little Ones SOL Warsaw, Poland Teacher Training Videos – UK
Pronunciation with YLs (and others too!) Teaching more than just English in the ELT classroom Drama, literature and pop culture in the classroom.
A1-A2/ages 3-10 B1/upper secondary B2/upper secondary
Room Janosik Hall
14.25-15.10 YL Lower Secondary Upper Secondary Drama
Queenie Tan & Katarina Klemanova Tijana Nesic Ristic Eva Nagyová David Fisher
Hong Kong & Spojena skola Tilgnerova, Bratislava ELTA Serbia SSOŠ-MSZKI v Rimavskej Sobote The Bear Educational Theatre
3 Simple, Fun Strategies to Increase YLs’ Self-Motivation & Interest Borders are Insignificant If We Can Surpass Our Limits Kde bolo, tam bolo / Egyszer volt, hol nem volt – Once upon a time Bringing Literature to Life
absolute beginners/ages 6-10 B1/lower secondary A2/upper secondary C1-C2/upper secondary
15.25-16.25 Plenary (Janosik Hall) Sue Strakova
16.25-17.00 Raffle 3 & Closing (Janosik Hall)
Bus to train station
17.17 Regiojet to BA
16.08 SlovakRail to BA