Zuzana Straková: Plenary and YLs Workshop


Every time we put on a conference, we get the question: “Will  Zuzana Straková be there?” If we answer “No”, the response is often “Oh. Then maybe I won’t come.” But this year we can say, “YES!” So come!

We are so pleased that Sue has fit us into her busy schedule. We always enjoy our time together and most assuredly learn something practical to use in our teaching. We think you’ll feel the same.

90-minute Workshop: Making Grammar Digestible for Young Learners, Friday, 2.45-4.15pm

Kids don’t like boiled broccoli and for good reason – it’s boring and bland. Grammar rules are much the same. What child really wants to memorize rules?  This workshop looks at ways to handle grammar at the primary level that aren’t boring or bland. We’ll do a lot of practical activities on the most common aspects of language that not only make the learning easier for primary pupils, but also make it more enjoyable.


Plenary: Practice makes perfect, or not? Saturday, 15.25-16.25,

The automatisation of language is considered a basic principle of learning any foreign language. However, many teachers would probably agree that it does not seem to be enough to keep students engaged.  Practising language – not merely its repeating, redoing, restating, re-anything – should be very carefully thought though at any and every level, otherwise we get what we see now: far too many students with minimal, if any language skills. This plenary looks at ways to help students to move on from “remembering” to “creating,” and will cover creativity, meaningfulness, and thinking skills.

Sue is a TEFL specialist and has been teaching and working with pre-service trainees, trainers and in-service teachers since 1991. She is an associate professor at the English Language and Literature Department at the Institute of British and American Studies at the Faculty of Arts, Prešov University. In recent years, her research has been devoted to TEYL. She has supervised several successful TEYL projects and has piloted several innovative approaches in her own YL classes. She has conducted numerous lectures, seminars and workshops for pre-service and in-service English language teachers. Zuzka is also a member of the Slovak Chamber of English Teachers Advisory Board. zuzana.strakova@unipo.sk 

You can read an interview with Zuzka from 2013 here.

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