Russell Stannard: Plenary and YLs Workshop

Last autumn, one of our members, Jana Pastorkova, contacted us to tell us about Russell Stannard. She’d heard him  at IATEFL Hungary’s annual conference and learned so much that she thought we should invite him to our conference this year.

Russell is a ‘technologist’. That’s an English blend (remember your university courses on lexicology?) meaning ‘technology specialist’. In our profession, there exist educational technologists. Just last year, Twitter and another organisation that follows these things included Russell on their lists of the 20 most influential technologists in education.  So, we’re grateful that Russell accepted our invitation and we’re looking forward to all we’ll learn from him in both his plenary and workshop.


Plenary: Key Technologies that can really impact on teaching and learning, Saturday 9-10am
This talk focuses on what teachers say are the key technologies that they are using in their teaching and learning. Packed with innovative ideas around using just a few simple technologies that can really impact on our teaching and learning, Russell will demonstrate ideas that even the most technophobic teacher will be able to work with. A really practical talk, full of ideas and using simple but effective technologies that you will be able to use in your teaching and learning immediately.
russell more
90-MINUTE WORKSHOP: BLOGGER:ONE TOOL FOR SO MANY DIFFERENT PURPOSES, SATURDAY 1.30-3PM (Computers provided or bring your own notebook – limited space)
If you want to create a website, a class blog, a teacher blog, a profile or get your students to create a website, blog or profile, then you can use Blogger to do all this. Blogger is an incredibly flexible tool that can be used in many different ways. This workshop will get you up and running with Blogger by taking you step by step through the tool. The essence of Blogger is its flexibility. One tool that can be used in a wide range of different ways. A really hands on session with lots of suggestions how the tool can be used.

russelleltonsRussell Stannard
is the founder of, a website set up to help teachers incorporate technology into their teaching and learning. He was a previous winner of the British Council ‘ELTons Technology Award‘ and the Times Higher ‘Outstanding Innovation Award’. He is a NILE ( Norwich Institute of Language Education) and a truly international speaker, training teachers all over the world. He has regular columns in the ET professional, Anglo Files and the Teacher Trainer. Twitter:




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