Keynote: Lynda Steyne


Learning anything is all about bridging the gaps between what we know and what we don’t. In our classrooms, we’re fairly sure of the linguistic gaps in our students’ knowledge and skills, and we take steps to bridge those gaps. But there are other skills more difficult to measure but which may be even more important than using the correct vocabulary and grammar. Intercultural communication is one of them. And in these times in which we live and teach, it’s more important than ever.

In this interactive keynote, we’ll look at what intercultural communicative competence is and what it has to do with us and our teaching. We’ll do some intercultural communicating of our own.


Linda (Lyn) Steyne is a South African born, American passport holder who’s lived in Bratislava, Slovakia, longer than anywhere else. She’s been an English teacher for over 25 years, teaching students aged nine and up in public primary and secondary schools, as well as at university. She’s served as deputy head of a secondary school, bilingual programme coordinator, and teacher trainer/mentor of incoming English teachers. This year is her first year at BISLA (Bratislava International School of Liberal Arts) teaching Academic English and Writing. She also teaches English composition part-time in the IB Diploma program at Gymnázium Jura Hronca (Novohradská in Bratislava). She’s the current, founding chair of the Slovak Chamber of English Teachers (SKA).



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