Presenting the Using ICT in ELT Workshop Facilitators

Technology in the classroom is a rather hot topic these days. Some people think it can – and will – solve all our educational problems (and many governments spend a lot of money on it) while others think it should be banned entirely (which is what most of our schools do with kids’ mobile phones). But everything we use in our teaching is simply a tool – and the better we know how to use it, the more effective it can be. We’ve got some great workshops that focus on the practical – how to effectively use the various technological resources available to us, from mobile phones to tablets to EduPage to blogs and other collaborative tools.  And the teachers who will share with use what they’re going to tell us about.

Eva Orosová
has been working in the field of education for almost 15 Eva Oros - Copyyears. She continues to be passionate about language learning and especially about using technology effectively in the classroom so that it enhances learning and helps prepare students for the 21st century.

She has several years’ experience teaching various age groups from children to adults. In 2008 she founded Oros Learning Centre in Kosice.  She started working online in 2015 after moving to Portugal. She now works as an online English teacher, writer, and blogger who facilitates professional development online. She has just recently founded an online language school called ELA- English Language Academy. Eva also works with Macmillan Education Online.;

The Importance of being a Tech Savvy Teacher (B1 Teens/Adults; All teachers) Friday 2.45-3.30pm

Technology won’t replace teachers…but teachers who use technology will probably replace teachers who do not. Do you agree? Using technology in the classroom can be an excellent way to enhance student engagement and incorporate different ways of learning into the classroom.
This hands-on workshop explores free tools that teachers can use to support teaching and learning.
Join me and learn about the wealth of apps and tools specifically designed to help you manage and organize your classroom and curriculum, and connect with your students.


monika1Monika Popluhárová is an English teacher at Gymnázium Bilíkova in Bratislava and an ICT teacher trainer. She has been a Comenius project manager – Electronic Curriculum: New Ways of Teaching and Acquiring Foreign Languages (2003-2005)  – and, in 2013, she was awarded a Fulbright grant for an online course “Building Teaching Skills through the Interactive Web” at the University of Oregon. She is also a part-time teacher trainer providing courses on using ICT in learning. She regularly integrates the use of mobile phones and Web 2.0 tools into her teaching and her students’ learning.

To Smartphone or Not to Smartphone (B2 Upper Secondary; All teachers) Friday 3.40-4.25pm

Phones are forbidden at school by law, but are we brave enough to admit that they can actually help us? Some online tools for learning languages are accessible via smartphone applications and tablets so why not use them? No need to buy expensive equipment for your classroom – use what students have at their disposal and teach them how to reap the benefits. Apps, podcasts, dictionaries, e-books – change your smartphone into a helping hand.

How to manage your teaching via EduPage [NOT a sponsored workshop] (B2 Upper Secondary; All teachers) 11.10-11.55am

Edmodo? Moodle? Hundreds of email accounts? Thousands of emails in your inbox? EduPage to the rescue! This workshop is designed (not only) for teachers of teenagers and young adults whose schools use the e-learning management system Edupage. We’ll cover various teacher/student tasks via Edupage, such as class management, teaching plans, creating assignments, setting due dates, collecting assignments and grading. And we’ll learn how to free up your inbox via messages and/or noticeboards.


Joan Macphail holds an MA in English Literature and another in Applied Linguistics, Diplomas in TEFLA and in Management Studies, and a PGCE. She has international experience in teaching, teacher-training, teacher assessment and materials design. Currently she is Assessment Specialist for Cambridge Assessment and Tutor for US university entrance SAT examinations in English. Along with Angeliki Apostolidou, she is now Owner and Director of the Tartan Epsilon, a company which has just produced its first educational app for iPhone and iPad: You can find her on Facebook and LinkedIn, and her blog at

Angeliki Apostolidou is a Greek EFL teacher of Angeliki Apostolidou1English, holding a Dip. RSA/DOTE (now known as Delta) from the University of Cambridge, with Distinctions in Language and Teaching practicals. Trained at the British Council in Athens she had the chance to gain sophisticated insight into foreign language learning and teaching. For over fifteen years she worked at several prestigious language schools in Greece, taught learners of all ages and linguistic ability (from beginners to advanced) and involved in materials design. She has also been an author with Cambridge University Press. Along with Joan Macphail, she is now Owner and Director of The Tartan Epsilon, a company which has just produced its first educational app for iPhone and iPad : You can find her on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Using the Tablet in the Classroom (A2 Primary; All teachers) Friday 4.40-5.25pm

As technology develops, we move to new modes of presenting input in the classroom. In our workshop we consider the pros and cons of the tablet as a teaching aid. Using the Easing into English app, we identify what skills and strategies can be developed and promoted by using such materials. We also offer solutions to related practical issues.




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