Šárka Dohnalová

Shakespeare in the classroom (B1 Lower Secondary; All teachers) Friday 3.40-4.25pm

This year’s anniversary of the great dramatist and poet, whoever he was, brings attention to his work once again. The question is how to use it in the classroom to make it understandable and meaningful to today’s students or even those with SEN (specific educational needs). This seminar will go through a prepared structured lesson plan with communicative activities that will guide you and your learners through one of Shakespeare’s plays.

sharka 1Šárka Dohnalová is a teacher trainer. She has trained teachers and has given seminars to both teachers and EFL learners in other European countries, e.g.  Great Britain or Austria, and through Pilgrims Teacher Training College and Masaryk University she has trained teachers from many countries not only from Europe. Her main focus is on drama as multisensory and holistic learning in real life situations. dohnalova@ped.muni.cz; http://katedry.ped.muni.cz/anglictina




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