Igor André


In this workshop, Igor (a Teach for Slovakia teacher) will talk about his two-year English teaching experience at a Roma school, including how he used the tri-lingual (Slovak, English, Romani) book “Children of the Sun” in his classroom and the after-school program. Sue will present the background of the book, including implementation strategies.  Each participant will receive a CD of the book which is narrated in three languages by the authors.

Igor André received his MA in Political Science at Comenius University in Bratislava in 2009. He has worked in education since then, as an assistant to igorMP in the National Council of the Slovak Republic (2010-2011) and coordinator for education at the Government Office of Plenipotentiary for Roma Communities (2011-2013). In February 2013, he left the civil service to co-found eduRoma, an NGO start-up which targeting the elimination of segregation of Roma pupils and the implementation of inclusive education. In July 2014, he joined Teach for Slovakia and taught English and Maths at Základná škola s materskou školou (primary and pre-school) in Nalepkovo. http://andre.blog.sme.sk/; http://www.teachforslovakia.sk/teach-for-all/


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