Eva Lange


This workshop will deal with using the worlds of Robinson Crusoe, Pocahontas and Gulliver, and interesting activities about them, to help our students not just understand the language and be interested in the literature but also to discover hidden meanings and the diversity of cultures in them. We’ll learn how to creatively use these stories, from creating unusual introductions of the authors to coming up with adapted versions (something students love doing!).

evka langeEva Lange: “I am a teacher who loves teaching English. Over the past 10 years, I have taught all age groups, my youngest student being 2 years old and my oldest 67. I have also done teacher training at the Faculty of Arts as well as MPC (methodology centre) in Presov. I have degrees in special pedagogy (specializing in teaching kids with learning disabilities) and speech therapy, as well as few English certificates and diplomas. I am still studying and doing everything I can to be the best teacher for my students. Teaching English is my passion and it’s my desire to pass that passion for English on to my students.” evka.lange@gmail.com


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